The benefits of online business management

1. Mobility

Your mobile company


On the road or in a meeting with a client?
Never be caught unprepared!

No need for carying computers or hard drives, a few touch on your smartphone are enough to send your documents in a minute!

Your documents follow you everywhere.
All you need is internet access.

2. Verification

Easy management & invoicing


Still using Word or Excel?
An error is due to happen...

Let our system do all the work!
Automatic document numbering (several formats available ), calculation of taxes and discounts, it is a time saver and peace of mind.

Simplify your daily management, create and archive your documents in a snap.

3. Situation

Your projects evolution


How to know how your projects are going ?
Visualize your situation directly!

You follow your projects throughout their lifetime...
A signed quote transforms itself into order.
An invoice may be partial or fractionated into deposits.

Do not forget expired quotes or overdue bills.
You always have an eye on the status of your project.

4. Accounting

Your accounting statements


What is my turnover, my income, my tax deduction?
With our expenses manager, no more surprises!

Forget about Excel spreadsheets and complicated formulas, simply insert your data and the system will handle the rest.

Save time in your annual or periodic statements, and send your results directly to your accountant.

Your invoice template in an instant

I open my FREE account now !

AMI is the ideal software for all entrepreneurs
independents , freelancers , self-liberal professions

Software compatible Mac, Windows, Linux, all tablets and smartphones.

ami project video guide
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Forget Excel and Word,
your business accounting is being modernized !

Get the management and invoicing software your business need !


Accounting records
Quotes & orders
Articles & clients
Attachments space



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Create and download your bills, right now, where ever you are
Less time spent in management, it is so much more time to offer your services to your customers.
Dear users,

A new feature comes out of your suggestions!

From now on you will be able to integrate your general conditions directly into your PDF documents.

How to?

When editing your document simply select the value "Attach to Document" in the left menu.


Keep in mind that you can add your general conditions as a file or as text in the section "Set my documents".


AMI Project, let simplify the business life!

AMI logo

Dear users,

In order to reach an ever wider audience, we have implemented a new secure payment system for the purchase of access.

Goodbye Paypal, welcome to Mollie !

Mollie is a partner system of many banks and credit institutions.
It allows many modes of payment, including the most modern solutions.
Always safe, of course!

Mollie Système de paiement en ligne sécurisé

More information : 

* If you wish it is always possible to pay by manual bank transfer.

AMI Project, let's simplify the business life

AMI logo

      Dear users,

Your suggestions continue to improve AMI Project and we thank you for it.
It is therefore with pleasure that we present 3 new features:

1. History of articles

Do you wish to see the sales history of your articles?
This is now possible thanks to the "Print" button in the list of articles!

Historique des articles

2. Prices awarded to customers

Do you want to keep track of the price awarded to a customer?
This is now possible thanks to the drop-down menu "Search for an article"!

The last articles sold to your customer are selectable below the standard items, under the mention "Latest Articles for ...".

Derniers articles pour le client

3. Automatic acceptance or rejection of quotes

You want your customer to accept or reject your quote automatically?
Add now the acceptance and refusal links in the email sent to your client
thanks to the new 2 buttons in "Personnalize my emails".

Note: An accepted quote creates and automatically sends the purchase order to your customer.

Personnaliser les e-mails

Acceptation et refus d'un devis

With AMI Project, simplify business life!

      Dear users,

Your suggestions help AMI Project to grow and we thank you for it.

It's our pleasure to present to you 3 new features :

1. Personnalisation of your informations displayed on your documents

In the "Personnalise your documents" section appears a new form allowing you to select the useful informations to be displayed in your documents footer.


Notice : for the individual businesses your name is legally required to appear next to your company's.

2. Automatic cocontracting rule

The business subjected to the cocontracting rule (construction, gardening, ...) can now declare it in the company's informations.


The cocontracting rule (0% VAT rate and legal notice) will be applied automatically to your documents if you select a professional client.

Of course, you could always change it yourself if it doesn't suit your needs.

3. Intracommunity rule

For every intra-Europe document, the intracommunity rule (0% VAT rate and legal notice) will be applied automatically to your documents if you select a professional client.

Of course, you could always change it yourself if it doesn't suit your needs.

Together with AMI Project, let's make the business world easier !

      Dear users,

Thanks to your suggestions AMI Project continue to grow !
It's our pleasure to introduce to you 2 new features :

1. Accounting depreciation

Above a defined amount (250 € in Belgium), the professionnal expenses have to be depreciated in several years.
No need for complicated tables anymore, just input the number of years of depreciation inside the expense form and AMI will take care of all the calculations for the yearly deductions (visible in the taxes estimate and the accounting results).

AMI amortissement frais professionnel

AMI amortissement comptes de résultats

The depreciation duration depends of the object and the usage you'll make of it.
In general most accountants use standard durations, such as :
- new vehicle : 5 years
- Used vehicle : 3 years
- computer: 3 years

2. Reminder for multiple unpaid invoices

Some of your clients may need some reminders and until now you had to send one for each of your unpaid invoices one at a time.
To make you win some time, it it now possible to send only one reminder for every unpaid invoices concerning the same client.

AMI rappel factures impayées
AMI e-mail rappel factures impayées

Notice : to send your reminders by e-mail your client need to accept your electronic sendings first.

Together with AMI Project, let's simplify business !

      Dear users,

Your suggestions continue to help AMI Project grow and we thank you.
It is therefore with pleasure that we present 3 new features:

1. More about your customers

You may wish to keep useful information related to your customers (references, customer number, license plate, contact person, ...), it is now possible!

Two new boxes are available in the customer form:
  • Published info: they will appear automatically on the documents in the "notices" box
  • Unpublished info: they will only appear on AMI Project, for your internal use only

Informations clients utiles

2. Detail of VAT return codes

Users who are subject to Belgian VAT can now consult the data that is hidden behind the VAT return codes.
This will allow you to verify your encodings more easily by yourself, or through an accountant (in case of doubt we will always advise you to consult a professional).

Détail des codes TVA

3. Editing your documents

It is now possible to change the date and the client on a document.

WARNING: this function must be used with caution since mis-manipulation could distort your accounting (date prior to declaration, VAT regime of the customer, etc.)

Modifier la date et le client sur les documents existants

With AMI Project, let's simplify business life !

      Dear users,

Your suggestions continue to grow AMI Project and we thank you for it.

We are therefore pleased to announce the release of our latest update.
This is intended for all our users who apply rounded tax included prices or whose clientele consists of individuals.

1. Encoding the price of your items VAT included

To ensure a correct rounding, a rounded price or ending with ".99", you can directly encode the tax included unit price of your items.
The price excluding VAT and the amount of VAT will be calculated automatically in compliance with the legal requirements.

Encode articles prices tax included

The tax included unit price can be encoded in the articles manager, or directly for each lines of your documents.

2. Customizing the display of your price on your documents

The "Customize Your Documents" section has a new box to display the total tax included of the lines.

show lines total amount with tax included

With AMI Project, simplify business life !

      Dear users subject to VAT,

The yearly listing for clients subject to VAT is to be sent before March 30.

It's time to discover our new VAT listing tool !

  • Where : on the Invoices page
  • When : select the period "Last year activity"
  • How : click on the "VAT Listing for the period" button in the left menu

Still more tools to help you with your statements

2 new buttons appeared on the "Professional expenses" page :
  • The VAT details
  • The Income statement for taxes

Outils d'aide aux déclarations comptables

Thanks to you, AMI Project keeps on growing, thanks !

      AMI's team

AMI logo

A.M.I., a project in bound with your business