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General questions

Can I use AMI if I'm not subject to VAT or mixed subject to VAT ?
Of course !

A.M.I. creates invoices containing products and services mixing different VAT rates.
So just select the 0% VAT for all your non-taxable services.

Tax rates when document creation

You can add any VAT rates in the section Parameters > Set my documents

Adding a tax rate inside the parameters
Can I export my data?


There are several ways to export your documents via the left toolbar:
- in PDF format by clicking "Download PDF documents"
- in printable format by clicking on "Print the period"
- in CSV format importable into the accounting programs by clicking on "Export to CSV format"

For all your articles and your customers only the option "Export in CSV format" is available.
For the VAT listing, simply click the "VAT Listing for Period" button in the Invoices section.

It is also possible to export all CSV files simultaneously by clicking the "Export Accounting" button in the toolbar of the dashboard.

For professional expense accounting you can also export:
- in CSV format
- in printable format
- the VAT summary
- details of the VAT codes (for the declaration)
- income statements for the tax period

Tools to help with accounting declarations
Is AMI suitable for companies working in the construction industry?


The business subjected to the cocontracting rule (construction, gardening, ...) can now declare it in the company's informations.

The cocontracting rule (0% VAT rate and legal notice) will be applied automatically to your documents if you select a professional client.

Of course, you could always change it yourself if it doesn't suit your needs.
May AMI be used by non-professionals ?
Yes, the software may please the non-professionals who are selling second hands goods or wish to create professional looking documents.

Of course, a non-professional can't create invoices with VAT.
Simply select the "not subject to VAT box" :
  • your articles will automatically show a 0% rate
  • no mention to VAT will appear on your final document
Where can I find my invoice for the purchase of an AMI Project access?
You will find the invoice related to your purchase in the section "My settings > Manage my account".

This invoice is automatically generated when you pay for your access.

My AMI Project invoices

It is also automatically added to your professional expenses because the amount paid is 100% deductible in your accounting!
Is AMI Project compatible with Mac OSX?


Our online software is compatible on Mac OS, and on all platforms with a browser less than 5 years (smartphone, tablet, computer, ...).
Bank payment communication

Payment communication

You can choose to add a structured or unstructured communication to your invoices.
This will enable you to identify your customers' payments more quickly.

Add a communication (structured or not) to your invoices

Communication of payment on your invoices

Search by communication

You can also search by this communication.

Search by communication
I am a TVA franchisee, how do I set up my account?

Your franchise status must be mentioned on all your documents

The legal mention is "Special franchise system for small businesses" (article 56bis of the VAT code).
You can add this mention in "My settings > Set up my documents > Add a text to all my documents".

ATTENTION: you can NOT charge VAT.
All your items must have a VAT rate of 0%.
We advise you to set your VAT rate to 0% by default in "My settings > Set up my documents > VAT rate".
Change the duration of the active session

For the security of your data, your connection has a limited duration

By default, you will be logged out if you are inactive for more than 24 minutes.
A message will warn you 60 seconds before your session is automatically closed.

An inactive session means that you have not changed or reloaded the page.

If you want to increase this time, you can select 120 minutes in "My Settings > Manage My Account > Security" (not recommended).
Can I use 2 accounts simultaneously?
You have several AMI Project accounts and you want to work on them at the same time?

Several solutions exist:
  1. use different computers
  2. use different internet browsers (for example Chrome and Edge)
  3. use different private sessions (create a new private browser window)

WARNING: for obvious security reasons you will not be able to connect with 2 different accounts on the same browser and in the same window (to switch from one tab to another).
Can I use a VPN to connect to AMI Project?


We strongly encourage our users to protect their data on the Internet.
VPNs, proxies, and other protected networks can therefore use AMI Project freely.

However, it is unfortunate that some hackers use these same networks to try to infiltrate our system (without success, fortunately).
We are therefore sometimes temporarily forced to block certain IP addresses.

If you get a 403 error on our site, it means that the IP address you are using has been blocked for security reasons.

Most VPNs allow you to change your IP address very easily, so you can access AMI Project again.